Celsius gives update on currently available coins

  • January 26, 2023

Celsius recently released an update of the coins currently available in January 2023. According to it, there was almost no change in the Celsius network between November and December.

On Jan. 25th, the Celsius network released a report detailing the coin updates. The data was later highlighted by a Celsius-focused Twitter account called CelsiusFactsNumbers:

The report highlighted some significant crypto assets that recorded close to no change in the Celsius network between November and December. For instance, the report indicates that Celsius’ wallets had 38k BTC in November, which remained the same throughout December. This number stayed the same despite the network mining 465.56 BTC in December.

Celsius’s Chainlink holding was constant at 3.389 million in November and December. The case was similar for Polkadot, whose value remained at 1.896 million. Celsius had 200k LTC coins in reserves between November and December. No significant changes were reported in several other crypto assets held by Celsius, including Aave, SNX, UNI, BNB, SOL, XLM, and EOS. 

However, while most coins maintained the exact balance between November and December, Celsius reduced its holding of other coins. Take Ethereum, for instance. Celsius only held about 871k ETH in November. However, in December, this network collected 6k more ETH, increasing its holding to 877k ETH. This was a 0.61% surge in barely a month. 

The network also increased its stablecoins reserves from 362.5 million to 362.97 million, a rise of 425k. DAI reserves increased by 1k to 11.817 million. 

There was also some substantial change in the holdings of ADA and MATIC in December. At the end of December, Celsius held about 90.79 million Matic and 103.27 million ADA. However, by the end of the month, the coin report indicates that the network’s holdings had increased to 90.95 million and 103.45 million, respectively. This is an increase of 157k Matic and 272k ADA. 

A few days ago, crypto.news reported on Celsius’ clearance of GK8 balances, which included $1.1 million in ADA and $1.1 million in MATIC. The same report indicated that the Celsius network generated about 251k ADA and 171k MATIC via staking. The generated amounts could have contributed to the balance increases noticed in ADA and MATIC.

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